Anya Singleton

Born in Tunisia and raised in South Africa and England before arriving in New York, singer-songwriter Anya Singleton’s critically acclaimed album “The Other Side,” features 11 tracks all co-written by Singleton, and has garnered national radio play, remaining in the top 10 on the CMJ for 7 months, as well as on Pandora Radio. Anya has been featured in BLENDER Magazine, FILTER Magazine, DETAILS Magazine, The Bergen Record and received an Editor’s Pick Award by All Music Guide. Anya’s music has also been featured in numerous television shows; she co-wrote and sang the Theme Song for the Style Network's Emmy-nominated hit show "How Do I Look?." Other shows include MTV's “The Real World,“ CW's "Life Unexpected," Lifetime’s “How to Look Good Naked,” Oxygen's "Bad Girls" and ABC’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and "Greek." of the American Teenager” and "Greek."

“Don’t Tell Me,” a rousing anthem that channels Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin, showcases Singleton’s sultry attention-getting pipes, while “Stop This Train,” an ode to the heartbreak of growing apart, finds Singleton's lyrically aching vocals offset by her moving and intelligent songwriting - appealing to fans of Dusty Springfield and Joni Mitchell. Catchy melodies and dynamic lyrics echo the 70’s classic period Stevie Wonder with nods to the Beatles, giving her music a timeless feel, while Singleton’s unforgettable voice, at once powerful, earthy and conversational, expertly combines a bluesy raw edge and a unique delivery, establishing her as an artist for a whole new generation.


“Co-writing every song on her album helps Anya climb to the top of our list. Combine this with a driving beat, solid vocals and a fresh, jazzy feeling and you get an artist worthy of celebrity status. Her lyrics provoke feelings of “real life” helping her listeners really relate to her as a person. With a sound very similar to Joss Stone, this is an up-coming girl you DO NOT want to pass up.“
-Relate Magazine


A sizzling combination of blistering blues and rueful R&B, The Other Side introduces Singleton as one of the purest singers around. Falling somewhere between Dusty Springfield and Joss Stone, Singleton really knows how to get inside a song…the results are staggering.”
- Alex Green, Caught in the Carousel

"Singer-songwriter Anya Singleton's cosmopolitan features must be a product of her globetrotting ways. Born in Tunisia, this firecracker was raised in South Africa and the UK before setting her sights on the Big Apple to write and record her debut full-length, The Other Side. Chock full of guitar-driven breakup songs, Anya's organic approach lets her impressive vocals shine through. And what a set of pipes she has. Deep, throaty, and blues-tinged, she calls to mind KT Tunstall or Nikki Costa on her fiery debut single, "Don't Tell Me." which introduces us to Anya by way of this female-empowerment anthem and an acoustic guitar." - FILTER Magazine

“Singleton is an expressive singer with a bluesy, soulful approach…she is talented enough as a singer and songwriter, and she is growing as an artist so fast, that comparisons to others are likely to be inadequate soon. Fans of adult pop/rock take note.”
- William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide; "The Other Side" voted as an AMG Editor's Album Pick

"As a vocalist, Anya Singleton exhibits characteristics of classic female blues artists and modern pop divas; as a lyricist she's a pro with meter and metaphor; as a songwriter she's got a spunky contemporary flair. Putting all these together forms a catchy, thoughtful picture that will attract some attention from traditional blues hounds and even more from those who enjoy pop with heart and brains...Singleton is ready for pop fame."
- Rachel Heisler, Pitch Perfect

“If lots of heart were the ticket to pop superstardom, Anya Singleton would be queen.”
- Justine Magazine

"...Showing off a set of super neo-soul pipes...Singleton scores with her full-length debut "The Other Side," entertaining record from beginning to end...that should burst her into the national consciousness."
- Jeffrey Sisk, Pittsburgh Daily News

“Anya Singleton may be a relative newcomer, but she borrows from the best; some Norah Jones here, a hint of Susan Tedeschi and Tracy Chapman there, with a bit of Sade and Portishead tossed in for good measure. Lest she appear to be doing no more than retreading others' turfs, a listen to her sensuous debut assuages any doubts about her abilities. Singleton's skills lie in her compelling songcraft...“
- Broward New Times

"With "The Other Side" Anya has proven she can make a full album that will keep you entranced from the opening notes to the closing notes..I was instantly blown away by what I heard."
- The Guest List


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